Skin Care Program

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The Skin Care Specialist Program (SKSP) is taught in English. The Skin Care Specialist course will train students in skin care, facial treatments, make-up application, and hair removal. Completion of this course prepares students to become a licensed skin care specialist.

The 260 hour Skin Care Specialist course teaches theory and practical skills in all phases of skin care. The Skin Care Specialist program prepares students with the basic foundation necessary in sterilization and Sanitation, manipulative skills, safety judgment, proper work habits, business skills, and professional ethnics. Upon completion of the Skin Care Specialist program, the student will receive a diploma and be prepared to obtain entry level employment as a Certified Skin Care Specialist.

Program Cost

Application Fees (non-refundable):$50.00
Registration Fees (non-refundable):$100.00
CIMA E-Book/Tablet/ Kit/School-Shirt (non-refundable):$920.00
State Fees$80.00
HIV Fees$20.00
Total Program Cost$4,270.00
Total Hours260 hours

Skin Care Learning