Barber Program

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The Barbering Program (BARP) is taught in English. The Barber program course includes study in sterilization and sanitation, hair cutting, shaving & Mustache trim, facial, shampooing, styling, hair coloring, permanent waving, scalp and hair treatments, hair straightening, wigs and hairpieces, and regular toupee hair cutting. Students are required to complete 300 hours before being allowed to service clients on the clinical floor. Upon graduation students are required to demonstrate live model performances and complete the required HIV/AIDS education exam.

The 1200 hour Barber/Styling course prepares all graduates for the Florida State Board of Barbering Examination to become licensed barbers. The students are trained in the basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, good work habit, business skills, professional ethics and to take and pass the state licensing examination. Upon completion of the Barbering Program, the student will receive a diploma and be prepared to obtain entry-level employment in the barbering industry.

Program Cost

Application Fees (non-refundable):$50.00
Registration Fees (non-refundable):$100.00
CIMA E-Book/Tablet/ Kit/School-Shirt (non-refundable):$1,550.00
State Fees$255.00
HIV Fees$20.00
Total Program Cost$14,675.00
Total Hours1200 Hours

Barber Learning